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Product ID 52574E
Wine red 925 Sterling Silver moon star Harmony Ball pendant, displays the rich pinot noir color that accentuates the hand soldered stars and moons that embellish the brass sphere's surface with a dreamy pattern. The space in between the silver ornaments is diligently filled by hand with the resin and the brass ball that is kept in the sphere moves with its wearer and makes a subtle, gentle sound. The stress releasing effect of this Harmony Ball pendant is appreciated by women who gave this lovely brass silver jewelry sweet names such as : "angel caller" or “llamadores de angeles” in Spanish. It is also called "Chiming Sphere", as this pendant brings women back into balance and harmony with its soft sound.
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Price per piece: $ 7.68

Approx. weight 5.95 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 17x28x17 mm
Color Wine Red
Diameter 17 mm
Jewelry Themes Stars, Sun & Moon
Material Brass, Hand Soldered Silver, Handmade, Polished Sterling Silver, Resin
Shape Moon, Sphere, Star
Total Drop 28 mm
min. in stock order total: 3 piece(s)
min. out of stock order: 20 piece(s)