Silver Jewelry Catalogue
Product ID 7115
The relief of the ornament of this Sterling Silver ring depicts twirls that are arranged to create a stylized heart in the center, surrounded by a Vintage Style romantic pattern. A very beautiful decor on a gently shaped tapered band. This is a very feminine Unique Planet Silver Design ring expressing gentleness and grace.
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Price per piece: $ 11.40

Approx. weight 7.59 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 22x23x12 mm
Jewelry Themes Floral, Romantic, Vintage Style
Material Ajoure Silver, Antiqued, Casted, Polished Sterling Silver
Shape Heart Open, Open, Ornamented, Relief, Tapered
Quantity and Ring size
6 7 8 9
min. in stock order total: 2 piece(s)
min. out of stock order: 10 piece(s)